Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Story - Opening

Ich bin vor längerer Zeit mal aus Langeweile meinen Englischordner vom letzten Jahr aus Oxford duch gegangen und habe da diesen Story-Opening gefunden. Dachte mir, der passt ganz gut hier rein^^
Und ich weiss, ich war zu der Zeit ein wenig überbesessen von den Erben, dass ich sowas für die Schule geschrieben habe, aber ich durfte Dracas noch nicht lesen, obwohls schon raus war und das kam als Ergebnis meiner "Not" xDDD

The silver light of the full moon shone on the lonely coast of Ireland. A strong, cold wind whistled through the rocks and the waves crashed against the cliffs, on which a small silhouette stood. A single wolf howled somewhere in the night. The figure belonged to a girl whose long silver hair moved behind her in the wind and who wore a simple, long green dress. Her pale face was rather beautiful and her dark green eyes looked as if they had seen things that no normal girl at this age should have.

Suddenly a big snow white wolf appeared behind her. Without turning around she exclaimed, "You are late". She heard the awful sound of stretching bones and when she turned around, a man stood on the place, where just a moment ago was the wolf. His eyes and his hair had exactly the same colour as her's. He was more than a head taller than her and a few years older. He was wearing nothing more than a totally torn apart top and shorts. "I'm sorry, sister, but the meeting lasted longer than planned.", said he with a deep, warm voice. When He didn't continue she asked impatiently, "So, Seymour, are you going to tell me what you decided to do?"

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